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Keeping Ruggers Safe In Camberley Rugby Football Club

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Camberley Rugby, Camberley Rugby Football Club |

The children’s safety and even the young adults is the priority in letting your kids join the Camberley rugby football club, committed to their mission ensuring all the participants’ safety of whatever their age, disability, culture, gender, racial origin, beliefs, or even their sexual identity, will be given the right to enjoy the game and protected from any abuse, bully, and any other distractions for them to reach their dream of gaining respect on the game they are passionate with.

U13Camberley12-1Enough safety precautions are provided by Camberley Rugby football club for protection in every game. The recommended safety measures are strictly being followed, as well as the medical safety recommendations. The smart rugby consisting of qualified referees and coaches providing all the mandatory qualifications applied to all the game’s contact elements. First aid personnel are available at all times, in rescue of the injured players. The club is also equipped with the first aid requirements such as first aid kit, stretcher, the scoop stretcher, ice, contacts for emergency for the nearest hospital from the venue, dentist, doctors, emergency telephone and vehicles with a clear entry for the entrance of an ambulance.

The management of serious injuries are also being followed strictly by the Camberley rugby football club. In case of any potentially serious injury, the club assures you of getting help as fast as their safety personnel could. It is also a given precaution not to move the player right away, keeping him from any other possible injury caused by a wrong move, it is done unless the qualified personnel ask to do so. The club also follows the serious injury protocol provided with hotlines and reports.

download (3)These procedures are basically intended in safeguard of everybody. Credits to the ever tireless team of professional volunteers who are intended and loyal in assistance for the purpose of maintaining the professional standard based on the requirement of the Rugby Football Union. For the children’s security, documents such as the Post tour form, Child consent document or waiver, and the tour guidance document. Policies are also being strictly imposed such as theRUsafe, Surrey Tour latter, coach’s code of conduct, parents code and issues and concern forms, these are the documents in compliance for the parent’s confidence towards the safety of their children in every game. The Camberley rugby football club is in their most sincere commitment in following all of these precautions, methods, and policies.

download (4)Given all of these things mentioned above, parents may have their peace of mind in letting their child play and enjoy on the game field without any concerns, doubt and hesitation. How comforting it would be letting your child do the things they are interested with knowing that they are taken care of, ending the day with satisfaction, victory and injury free. No other rugby clubs will top the Camberley’s. Let your child discover their hidden potential with safety as top priority. Unleash the net rugby superstar with Camberley rugby football club.


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The Camberley Rugby Club’s Shop And Play

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Camberley Rugby, Shop & Play |

Camberley RFC is an all- equipped club, not just giving you a great game, but also provides the athletes with comfort and accessibility with their Camberley Kit shop, selling any stuff your son and daughter needs for their game.  Giving them the comfort and motivation every child needs in doing the things they want. Given at a reasonable price, these items are available in the club, play the game with no hassle.

Conor O'Brien, Colin Dickson and Charlie Kingham 30/3/2013Knowing that rugby is a lot more aggressive than any other contact sports that requires strong tolerance to impacts, the players or the so called ruggers definitely need protection in every game. Though it is a tough kind of game, rugby is for the courageous and bold, to those who are strong enough to fight a battle for the champ. Bold enough, players worldwide wear just the same protection equipments, without pads or helmet, bold enough to just wear a uniform, mouth guard and cleats. Few but these play the most important role in playing the sport in both cultural and functional purpose.

Gears available are the following, these are for the game field; playing shirts or jersey which are quite similar to soccer’s  tend to be colorful for easy identification of the teams with a number of the player printed at the back of it, tucking it on their shorts while on the game ,  scrum shorts which are less stretchy and a lot more durable than the soccer shorts and it is above knee  without any pockets to avoid incidents caused by grabbing, , boots  for the comfort of your feet whether you have a flat or high arched foot certain style is available to suit your feet, best supports your  ankles against imbalance, socks in partner of your boots, specifically a high knee  and a must fitted avoiding blisters during the game, long sleeved base layer, undershorts, head guards, body protection and waterproof  gears, mouth guards to avoid breaking of teeth due to impacts and concussions .

For the Off field items such as T-shirts, Polo shirts, jackets, coats, ladies’ rugby tops and hoodies are available.

By these equipments and gears, the Camberley rugby club’s the one providing their players comfort and security in just one stop. These may be bought online for a lot more accessibility. A club that is sensible enough for the needs of their players, making their comfort as top priority knowing that the players will experience a tough and tight match.  A rugby club where you will be able to find everything that you need in a game in just one stop. Products are not limited so will be able to cater all the needs of the athletes in a competitive price. Feel the game without hesitations, win an injury free game,and never let any obstacles hinder or ruin your most awaited match. Choose Camberley rugby club, play the game and win it with the right club who knows all your needs as an athlete.

Thumbs Up For The Camberley RFC Coaches

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Camberley RFC Coaches, Camberley Rugby |

Considering that in every sport, coaching is the most important factor in increasing, sustaining and developing sports participation, Camberley rugby football club is giving their professional coaches a chance to undergo a training that enables them to do their job more efficiently through participating in a Premiership Rugby Coaching event, where they learn their coaching information to grassroots coaches from their top domestic top game. They are given the respective coaching tool provided with guidance and tips from the Aviva Premiership Rugby players and coaches.

Ronan O'Gara 15/11/2011Exclusive coaching insights are being taught to the Camberley rugby football club coaches, these are the Quins, beating a drift defense, repetition to develop skills, using to coach with kicking technique and tackle technique.  These are to enhance the winning capacity of a coach sharing his knowledge and skills to his team.  There are numbers of roles needed to be fulfilled to become an effective coach, they must cover aspects such as the mental, physical, technical, and psychological in every member of his team in demand of this tough kind of game. The Camberley rugby football club is committed in offering a world-class competitiveness when it comes to coaching development service.

Licensed Coach is most preferred in the club, those coaches who already achieved their top levels of qualifications will be the ones guaranteed. They are also being subjected to the criminal records bureau to ensure their credibility, plus their agreement in completion with the coach license terms and conditions, qualified coaches are pleased to apply for free providing with the compliance of the said requirements. These qualified coaches will be then registered on the RFU GMS database to track their involvement and attendance with the courses. They also have their respective personal coach license card, giving them the access to a wide range of services.france-rugby_2019002c

Hard work, skills, determination and a great coach is what an athlete needs to give his best shot. The Camberley rugby football club understands and into the rescue of giving you the best training from their best and professional coaches. Leaving their legacy to the team for the success of everybody. Proper coaching will let every athlete unleash their great potential and individual contribution to the sure success of the team. Giving every athlete a sure fun and active participation. Coaching has the most crucial role in playing, through them, players are being pushed and encouraged to develop and reach their individual skill level. Camberley rugby football club is one of the most trusted rugby clubs, come play the game of your life! But always remember that before you achieve your goal to become a popular and the best player, you should understand what your coach wants you to learn because they know everything in how to make every player increase their potential in playing. If you will be able to do that, then you might see yourself as one of the best player in this popular game called rugby.coaching-general

What It Takes To Be A Camberley Rfc Referee?

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Camberley RFC Referee, Camberley Rugby |

To complete the set of every game, a referee is needed when it comes to decisions, settlement, or giving an opinion into any situations, the judge, a person that ensures the fair play in accordance with the rules. The Camberley rugby football club is in their most sincere commitment in hiring and providing their games the fairest referee they could have.

If you wish to become one, all you have to do is to get yourself into a course depending on what category you wish to be a referee.  If you are wishing to start your career refereeing the U8 to U12, you are then required to attend the Level-1 course, where you will learn how to referee children, providing you core skills on how to do your job safely and confidently. It would only take a couple of hours consists a combination of practical class and classroom based activities.JohnLacey_ConnachtvLeinster_650_rdax_80

Moving forward, attending the Level 2 course where it will take a 12 our mixed activities and usually offered every weekend.

Referees are to follow the rugby union rules being applied in general that are defined by the IRB or the International Rugby Board, dictating how the game should be played, enforced by a single referee but with the help of two game assistants. Like any other games, the main objective is to score points more than the opposition through goals and tries. Penalties are given for any major infringements or foul play.

Rugby game referee needs simple equipments, a coin, where he is to organize a coin toss together with the team captain deciding who kicks off . Only coin is allowed to be used in doing this. The whistle, that he must always carry the whole game to purposely indicate a certain occurrence. The red card in which used to make a signal to indicate that a player is being sent off or sent from the field. rolland_2027761cThe yellow card is to make a signal that a player is temporarily suspended then being sent to sin bin until he will be allowed to return on the game. All referees are require to wear a watch serves as the timekeeping device for he is the only one who’s responsible in keeping the time.  A scorecard for recording the scores of each team, the only person responsible if there will be a complaint regarding with the scores.

Aside from those required equipments, referees must wear their proper attire for easy identity; these consist of a uniform, boots, microphone and earpiece. All these positions and responsibilities are must to follow in order to provide a great and fair game. In the end, it is the referee who decides whether who win or lose. That is how vital their roles are in keeping a responsible match which everybody is satisfied with whatever result he would give. Camberley rugby football club has these kinds of referees whom is trustworthy and dedicated to give each team a fair judgment.